How does remedial massage treat the headache

Remedial Massage Treatment For Headache

Cervicogenic headache are likely to respond well to spinal manipulation, remedial massager techniques for muscle contratures, trigger point therapy, thermotherapy. These treatments may also be useful for other types of headache that are associated with cervical joint dysfunction and myospasm of the suboccipital and posterior neck muscles.

All remedial massage treatments are adapted to suit the needs of individual clients. Treatment protocols are templates from which individualized treatments can be develped. It may include:

  • Swedish massage to the neck back head and face

  • remedial massage therapy: deep tissue, CFF, DTF, TP and muscles stretching

Remedial massage treatment may also include aromatherapy, acupressure, relfexology and Bowen therapy. Althogh little scientific evidence is available ot support their use, these techniques are often used in clinical practice. They are part of the range of techniques available ot remedial massage therapistts when negotiating treatment plans with clients.

Remedial Massage Treatment for Sinusitis

It is designed to help reduce sinus ongestion and therby bring about symtom relief. Eliminating the infection or exposure to allergens is required for resolution of the cause of inflammation.

Lymphatic drainage is another ideal technique to relieve sinusitis

Treatment for TMJ disorder


The temoromandibular joint is the most used joint in the body. It opens and closes about 1500-2000 times a day. It is a condylar joint formed between the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone and the condyle of the mandible and covered in white fibrocartilage. it is surrounded by fibroous capsule lined with synovial membrane. The ligaments lie medially and laterally.

These muscles(temporalis, masseter and media pt

erygoid) close the mouth and provide power to bite and chew; one muscle lateral pterygoid opens the mouth.

Remedial massge treatment for TMJ

If acute inflammation ispresent, treatment usually involves cryotherapy for anti-inflammatory m

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Overview of the headache

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